is awarding Grants to Educators and other Not-for-Profits


Comp4Kids.org is a Long Island based 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit organization.  C4K collects and refurbishes XP quality computers.  We then distribute these computers for FREE to low income families across the tri-state area.  C4K also distributes computers for little or no-cost to other charitable organizations which service these populations.  Each year C4K distributes over 1000 computers to low income families and charities.


We distribute computers to individuals (and organizations) interested in improving the lives of low income children and their families by providing these at-risk populations with access to technology.  We supply computers to daycare centers, alternative educational programs, school districts, after school centers, families, and individual teachers for use in their classrooms. We urge eligible applicants to apply for our C4K Grants.


Your grant application:


·      should be no more than a few paragraphs explaining your program and how the receipt of laptops (or computers) would benefit the education of the children you serve; or a similar explanation of how your organization would use this technology to service your at-risk population ... (please make sure to indicate how many computers you are requesting.)

·      should be typed on your school’s (or organization’s) letterhead and be signed by yourself AND your principal, district supervisor, or corporate officer.  should include a request for a specific number of laptops that you need for your program.

·     Please include in this letter the following statement:  I pledge that I will be using these laptops to further the literacy of the children that I serve.  I pledge that I will not sell nor knowingly distribute these laptops for sale by others.

  •  If you plan on using your laptops in school on your SCHOOLS's network, you must get approval from your schools technology director prior to submitting your grant request.  A lot of technology directors will not let you add laptops to their network.  Therefore, your grant letter must include the following statement:  My technology director has given his approval for me to add these laptops to the school's network ...or ... I am not planning on using my school's network for these laptops. 


  • Some school districts and School Boards are easier to deal with than others.  Comp4Kids will grant these computers either to the school, school district, or individual teacher (project coordinator).  If for some reason you encounter difficulties,  Comp4Kids will grant these computers directly to the students using the teacher (project coordinator) as the facilitator for distribution.



Your grant letter must be emailed to jonzim@optonline.net   If you grant is not emailed, it may not be considered.  Please use email whenever possible; phone calls may not be returned.



Attn:  C4K Grants

17 Crestwood Road

Port Washington  NY   11050