Data Protection Services and  Options:

For corporate accounts we offer data protection services. Not only is there peace of mind about doing the right thing for the environment and the less fortunate, Comp4Kids works diligently on your data protection needs.  When we remove your old hardware, we will use Department of Defense 5220.22-M compliant software to wipe and sterilize your computers. If needed, we can we give you a written guarantee of our work.   Since we are a Community Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher we reinstall our own licensed software, saving you from any violations or liability arising from  your site-based software agreements.

All equipment we receive is either donated or recycled.  That is our business. We are a tax-free charity whose mission is too supply computers to needy families and other charities which service these communities.  If your equipment is recycled because its "technology" is not current, we can provide you with a certificate of proper disposal of your equipment.  Occasionally because of the corporate technology cycle, our clients sometimes replace technology that is still very valuable on the open market. In these circumstances, Comp4kids may offer to purchase your technology or enter into a revenue sharing agreement with you based upon our distribution of the refurbished hardware.